“My computer screen is upside down”, “my laptop screen is upside down”, In your windows computer screen suddenly rotate to upside down. It is a common issue we all get face screen upside down. This is a very small problem. But you want to know how to fix it as soon as possible. I see a lot of people face this issue. I will help get it back to its normal position.   


Do not worry do have windows 7, windows 8, or windows 10, same methods to follow the fix it.

How to if fix the windows screen upside down?

There are mainly 3 methods to fix upside down issue. You can follow one method to fix it.

  1. Display settings method
  2. Keyboard shortcut method
  3. Drivers update method.

Display settings method

  1. This method bit difficult to rotate. Because now your screen upside down.  
    • Click the right button on your mouse.
    • Go to the “Display settings
    • Then there is the drop option “Display orientation
    • Click it and select the “Landscape
Click the right button on your mouse.
windows screen upside down
Click it and select the “Landscape
  • Portrait mode – screen rotate to left side
  • Portrait (flipped) mode – screen rotate to the right side
  • Landscape (flipped) mode – screen upside down
  • Landscape mode – normal mode
  • If you want to go back to current orientation press “Esc”.

2. Keyboard shortcut method

This is the easiest method to follow.

Press “CTRL + ALT + UP ARROW” – get back to normal landscape mode

Press “CTRL + ALT + DOWN ARROW” – screen upside down

Press “CTRL + ALT + LEFT ARROW” – screen rotate to left side

Press “CTRL + ALT + RIGHT ARROW” – screen rotate to right side

If it is not working. Met be your computer Hot Keys is, you have to enable it

How to enable Windows Hot Keys –

Press “CTRL + ALT + F11” to able/disable Hot Keys

Press “CTRL + ALT + F12” – go to control panel. And click “Option and support” and go to “Hot Key Manger” and enable the option.

Hot Key enable

3.Drivers update method

Make sure to update all drivers in your computer to deny this issue.

  • How to rotate Windows screen upside down – sometimes you want to rotate your computer screen upside down or your laptop screen is upside down for some reason


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