What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality is a Computer-generated simulation where a person can be experienced within an artificial three-dimensional ( 3D ) environment using electronic basic VR devices,( VR Headsets, VR Controllers, etc). In this artificial environment, the user can have an actual or realistic-feeling experience.

Getting an immersive experience yourself in the virtual world is a relatively new thing. This experience can be surprising not only that it can be breathtaking too, as it can quickly transport you to different locales that are just not possible on other devices.

Best accessories forget an immersive experience in virtual reality.

  1. High-end headsets
  2. Oculus Rift
  3. HTC Vive
  4. PlayStation VR
  5. Vive audio strap

Industries which use virtual reality technology

Virtual Reality
virtual reality

1. Automotive industry –  VR is saving the automotive industry millions by reducing the number of prototypes built per vehicle line. It allows engineers and designers to do their experiment easily with the look and make of a vehicle before commissioning expensive prototypes. World-famous vehicle brands such as BMW and Jaguar Land Rover already use virtual reality technology to hold early design and engineering reviews to check their visual design and object obscuration of the vehicle  before  spending any money  on physically manufacturing the parts

2. Healthcare –  EvenHealthcare professionals now tend to use virtual models to prepare themselves for working on real bodies. This technology has even been used as pain relief for burn injuries.VR technology is also used as a treatment for mental health problems.

3. Retail –One major problem with online shopping is that we can’t try on the clothes we want before we buy them. As a result, people tend to order two in shape and size. This could soon change through VR technology. Body-scanning technology in VR helps us try on clothes in the virtual world to see what they would look like in the real world.Many companies are attempting to make use of the VR shopping experience at present.

 Recently eBay launched ‘the world’s first virtual reality department store’ in partnership with Australian retailer Myer. Is this the future of shopping?

4. Tourism – Virtual reality refers to interactive images or videos which enable the viewer to explore the full 360 degrees of a scene. Unlike a regular image of the video, which is shot from a fixed viewpoint, VR production captures every part of a location.

In the travel industry, virtual reality can capture tourism destinations in a unique and immersive way.

5. Architecture – VR Technology has seen rapid developments in past years, and it is apparent in the architectural, engineering, and construction industries. It helps to represent objects in real ones, as a result, of VR technology, no losing money on fixing errors during the construction. Every design will be made using virtual reality, enabling the user to fully immerse himself in a 3D( Three dimensions) model, which can be manipulated and provides an incredibly accurate sense of presence in a space that’s yet to be built.


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