Online web design courses are excellent if you want to build a career in web designing. This internet based courses assist you with fostering the information and abilities to assemble a fruitful career. You can find many courses on the internet. But not every course will come with a certificate. 

Following are some of the top 6 web design courses with certificates. They offer a different approach and cover different topics. 

List of Top Web Design Courses with Certificates

Coursera: The Name of Web Development & Coding Specialization

The University of Michigan offers this reputable course. It is a course on Coursera. It is a six-month paid course. It will teach you all the skills required to start a career in web design. It consists of the Basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and responsive web design. The students have to create a top-notch professional portfolio for their final project. They can use this portfolio for their jobs in the future. Furthermore, the university provides a certificate for completion of the system. It is an amazing course assuming you are starting your profession in website designing and development.

Moreover, you can sign up for the seven-day free trial before purchasing the course. It will help you to determine whether the system is for you or not. 

Webflow University: Ultimate Web Design Course

The ultimate web design is another one of the online courses for web design. Webflow University offers this course. It is free of cost and offers comprehensive web design tutorials and lessons. It has a detailed curriculum. It covers everything from HTML and CSS to 3D designs, SEO, and typography. And the most surprising part about this course is that it would not take you months to complete, but only 5 hours! 

This course helps you to build a foundation in web designing. Be that as it may, it expects you to have the important passage level abilities. Moreover, it also teaches you how to create custom websites. 

Nanodegrees by Udacity: 

Another one of the excellent tremendous online web design courses is Nanodegrees by Udacity. It is known to supplant customary degrees by showing people all that they need to be aware of planning a site. It leads frontend website design and development.

It usually takes four years to complete a degree. But that is not the case with the Nano degree because it takes only four months to complete this degree. Furthermore, it is among the incredible website design course with a certificate. It teaches HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Its curriculum also includes projects that are permissible for students to add to their professional portfolios. 

Unlike many other online web design courses, this one provides career services to help students develop their resumes and get high-paying jobs. Students can also speak with mentors to ask questions and get advice from professional web developers. Those who cannot afford the tuition in full can apply for financing.

Web Design for Beginners:

Brad Schiff teaches this course. He is a professional web developer and educator. If you are someone who wants to start your career in web designing, then this course is perfect for you.

You don’t need to search for a “website development services near me” and pick somebody who will educate you. Everything you need to learn about website designing is included in this course.

One great thing about this course is that you only need to invest 11 hours from your day or week to complete this course. The system contains teaching students HTML, CSS, Sass, and bootstrap. It helps the students to build responsive websites. You will also be able to learn how to build forms, and you will be able to add interactivity with JavaScript and launch websites with GitHub pages. 

You don’t need to have any prior experience to start this course. After you purchase the course, you will have lifetime access to it. This will allow you to revisit the course whenever you want to refresh your skills. Moreover, you will receive a completion certificate. 

How to create your first website?

Last but not least on our list of web design courses with certificates is “How to create your first website.” Alison offers it. 

Alison is a free platform online for learning. It has around 20 million users and has produced 3.5 million graduates. It offers about 3000 different kinds of courses. 

This course focuses on guiding how to create your first website. This is quite evident from the name. It would not make you a professional website designer. But it surely will help you do a great job of turning beginners into competent designers. You’d not need to invest months in learning these basics because the course is only 3 hours long. It will help you find information on obtaining domain names and hosting your website. 

After the course, the platform provides a certificate. But to obtain this certificate, you need to build and launch your first custom website.

This course is excellent for someone who cannot give a lot of time learning web design. Or someone who isn’t trying to create a career in web designing but is just interested in learning.

Code School by Pluralsight

Pluralsight promotes learning uniquely compared to other programs. The coding school offers a month to month membership program for simply more than $30 each month. It is excellent for those who want access to the information without participating. However, the interactive courses include tests and other assessments that costs $450 per year.

The skills you’ll learn will be tested regularly with short assessments in this web development course. This is to ensure that you remember what you’ve learned. It is a paid course you need to subscribe to. It provides a certificate, too, but you need to pay an additional 450 $ for it. With the subscription, you’ll have access to thousands of web and coding classes at the school. 


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