Screencastify is a very user-friendly screen recording software. Actuary Screencastify very simple but very powerful tool. You can record screen, edit, and share videos in one click. It is very useful for online education, the documentation clearly with a video. specially this tool can you Window and MAC too.


How to download Screencastify Windows PC

To install Screencastify you have to download an extension from the google store (Google web store) using chrome browser, when you installed it, you can see the icon in the chrome browser near the address bar. The icon color is a pink arrow with a white camera.


How to Install Screencastify on MAC

  • Google chrome latest update for MacBook air M1 chip.
    • Follow the steps
      • 1st install google chrome browser for intel chips
      • Then install Screencastify extension

How to use

  • When you want to record a video, you have to go to chrome browser and launch the app. Then you have to select option whether browser tab, Desktop or webcam. Also, there is tab for on microphone and webcam. Then click record. It will start to record with count down.
    • When you end a video recording you have to save it. So, Screencastify offer an easy way to store. After recording video, you will move in to “video page”. In there you can easily edit, save and share the video, even upload to YouTube. Just you can connect to your YouTube channel. Another best thing is you can save to Google drive.
    • One of the best features that I like ability to link Google Drive. Recording file can be automatically saved to your google drive. There is no any extra work to do. This tool is very cool and use friendly.
video recording options

How to link Google Drive to Screencastify

  • Please follow steps
    • Go to the Screencastify setup page
    • Select “sign in with Google”
    • Then allow permission to the camera, microphone, drawing tools
    • Then every time you finish recording newly folder created in Google Drive.

Main Features in Screencastify

· Annotations

· Audio Capture

· Churn Management

· Communication Management

· Feedback Management

· File Sharing

· Screen Capture

· Screen Recording

· Video Editing

· Video Support

· YouTube Uploading

  • Screencastify has a feature to draw on the screen. Like a virtual pen. It is a very good opportunity to clarify and give a perfect idea about your talking.
Flash sharing

Screencastify Keyword shortcut window PC

  • Open the extension: Alt + Shift + S 
    • Start / stop recording: Alt + Shift + R 
    • Pause / resume recording: Alt + Shift + P 
    • Show / hide annotation toolbar: Alt + T 
    • Focus spotlight on mouse: Alt + F 
    • Highlight mouse clicks with red circle: Alt + K 
    • Pen tool: Alt + P 
    • Eraser: Alt + E 
    • Wipe screen clear: Alt + Z 
    • Return to mouse cursor: Alt + M 
    • Hide mouse when not moving: Alt + H 
    • Toggle embedded webcam on/off in tabs: Alt + W 
    • Show / hide recording timer: Alt + C 

Screencastify Keyword shortcut window MAC

  • Open the extension: Option + Shift +S
    • Start / stop recording: Option + Shift + R
    • Pause / resume recording: Option Shift + P
    • Show / hide annotation toolbar: Option + T
    • Focus spotlight on mouse: Option + F
    • Highlight mouse clicks with red circle: Option + K
    • Pen tool: Option + P
    • Eraser: Option + E
    • Wipe screen clear: Option + Z
    • Return to mouse cursor: Option + M
    • Hide mouse when not moving: Option + H
    • Toggle embedded webcam on/off in tabs: Option + W
    • Show / hide recording timer: Option + C

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • This is based on different user experiences.


  • It is great tool to have face recording screen share to keep human touch in the video
    • Very easy to install
    • Easy to export and save
    • Easy to delay for google education platform.


  • Audio no longer match with face that speak.
    • Editing software is horribly

Screencastify Pricing

Screencastify has two versions, one is free and another one is paid version. The free version has limited to 5 minutes for video recording. the paid version is $49 per person per year. it has more options for edit as well.


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