Today most people associate educational technology with computer and the internet. Information about the role of technology with education go back at least 2500 years. Educational technology has always been closely learning.

 To understand better the role on teaching and learning, we need to discuss to some history. In 1806 students would use a sandbox to education. One of the earliest forms of teaching technology was images that drawn in the sand.

Role of Technology in Education
Role of Technology in Education

In 1920, visual media became widely accepted. Then publication of audio-visual media texts. In 1932 the first instructional television program was aired at the state university of Iowa. In 1990 Paul Settler’s The evolution of American educational technology is the most extensive historical accounts. But that is only goes up to 1989.

Now a day s technology with education is mostly important. It is becoming a compulsory thing in education.

 Here we discuss four ways in which technology helps education.

▪ Technology for school students

▪ Technology with college, universities

 ▪ Technology helps education for training sites.

 ▪ Technology with domestic education.

 Let’s see how they use technology for education.

 Technology for school students.

▪ Important reason

 Mainly, it makes distance learning easier. Online teaching and education are a fast-growing industry. The future path will be created through technology.

Technology is changing so fast today, kids have so many abilities of the children of this century. They do not know how to learn without is not good to be behind high technology. That is imperative to know about technology going forward.

Nevertheless, education technology benefits are many more.

They become more interactive, and technology helps them to stay the same. This allows them to focus better and learn faster.

Everything that works in the world of technology has a direct impact on education as well as learning. Technical business support for high education as well as other job opportunities. Today, education is becoming an advanced technology.

Here we are going to mention four high tech approaches to education. There are,

 ▪ Virtual and augmented experiences

 ▪ Custom learning experiences

▪ Speech to-text options

 ▪ Cloud computer


Technology and teacher-student interactions

Evaluation studies published in journals. Accordingly, the impact of technology can be studied by teacher-student interaction duality. First one is face to face interactions in traditional classrooms and other type is online interactions in traditional and virtual classrooms.

Technology helps education to make teaching and learning more meaningful and enjoyable. The use of technical applications allows students to collaborate with their classmates.

 As education completes technology, we need to understand how technology affects the interaction between teachers and their own students, facilitating education as well as promoting students for the purpose of education, because of all these factors, technology has promoted collaboration between teachers and students.

Online learning

▪ Testing has going online

There are many reasons why technology is good for education and learning in the school. Technology is everywhere, for instant of technology used in online teaching are social media, wiki and class blogs, podcasting, power point.

What is the education technology benefits of an online exam?

Students should never print an exam a hand them saves papers students money and time. Reducing the use of paper leads to an Eco-friendly environment. These are the advantages of online education process. Teachers can be setup the exam for students to be graded automatically. If they only use multiple choice question papers for this, they never want to check an exam again.

This technology helps education system will take care of that hassle. This is done by a completely automated process. The teachers can view the students test scores in real time. The teacher can gain proper understanding of his students. Students can also gain an understanding of their abilities on the subjects. Teachers can create a big question bank for students for the exam. Therefore, each student will receive a random selection from that question bank. this technology allows for a more secure exam.

Technology with College, universities

 ▪ Technology helps in education research questions

 We examine the effect of information technology on the conduct of research. New technologies offer new opportunities, although pervasive use of computers in research has not come about without problems.

Some of these problems are technological.

The first programs, digital computer, electronic was switched on. That day science acquired a tool that at first simply facilitated research, then began to change the way research was done. Today these changes continue, and now amount to a revolution.

Online learning

▪ Technology is good for university learning

This technology innovation study was first used in 2001 by john Belcher. James and Philip 2009, this method is used to improve student knowledge. Where student learn in an active environment, and it helps to experimentation to generate experience.

 ▪ Technology helps education for training sites

 As mentioned previously there are other opportunities where technology is used training sites for directing programs.

The best programs are offer incentives and support, adequate access to technology, buildups community partnerships, ongoing informal support, teacher-directed training and training opportunities.

Online education

Technology with domestic education

 How does the students are approach home education?

Students achieve greater personal success for the following specific academic tasks using technology. They use this technology for the following situations.

Reading, Writing, Note-taking, Memorization and test, Executive functions.

Technology is evolving day by day and is an integral part of those career setting that will enable students to navigate their academic experience and become confident future prospective candidates.

 In the final analysis, the conclusion gathered through the results of this survey is that most students feel that technology and Information systems in education are great assets. These technologies have grown in education to a large extent and have become one of the pillars in the development of education for the 21century.

Although technology and information systems some disadvantages, the advantages for education are greater and becoming more noticeable. Information systems and technology in education are rapidly growing and have become part of the foundation for education for years to come.


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