This article describes some solutions if you try to take the deleted Facebook messenger message, such as checking to see if it is only archived, download your Facebook data in the hope that your message is still on the server, and asking your contact a conversation copy.

Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger

Check to See if the Message Is Merely Archived

A message that is archived in Messenger is hidden from your inbox but is not permanently deleted. Maybe when you try to delete a message, you choose hide chat (iOS) or archive (Android) instead of deleting chat. The second choice appears after you swipe to the left on the message, so it is an easy mistake.

If you archive messages with the Android Messenger application, you will tap three horizontal lines and then archive instead of deleting. With the iOS application (see below), you will knock on the trash icon and then choose hide convicts instead of deleting the chat.

To check to see if you archive your message instead of removing it permanently:

  1. Tap to Chats.
  2. Then search the person’s name in the search bar.
  3. 3. If the message is archived, the person’s name will appear and you can tap it to open a new conversation.

Download Your Facebook Data

Facebook seems to keep messages that you delete for a period of not specified before being completely removed from the server, so you might still be able to find messages deleted by downloading your Facebook data if Facebook hasn’t completely deleted it.

  1.  On the right side of your Facebook page, select the down arrow.
  2.  Select Settings> Your Facebook information.
  3.  Select Download your information, then select View.
  4.  At the top of the page, there is an option to choose how you want your download formatted, like HTML.
  5.  Select the message if it has not been checked. Delete any choice that you don’t want to download.
  6.  After the download is complete, it will be sent to the email address associated with your account.

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