This month (June 24, 2021) new windows operation system windows 11 will release? Unofficially operation system insider preview is leaked a few days ago.  A lot of peoples say windows 11 is a fake update. But there will be a windows 11 update. That leak edit of Operation System (OS) is new windows 11 operation system. Because Japanese Microsoft sub-company (Microsoft Japan) has given the evidence.

Eliheli12, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Beebom company which is an Indian technical website download the ISO file. For this case, Microsoft Japan company send DMCA notice for Beebom.


So, this incident google company remove windows 11 from their Beebom website in google search results.

Unofficially Windows 11 build on internet

     This new build code number is 21996 announce by windows central website. Also, this is original build in Microsoft. This is looks like windows 10X start menu, taskbar and new UI design.

UI design

windows 11
Windows 11

Edges are cured in windows and new context menu, new dictionary, and new installation in there. also, default wallpaper and widget panel and any more updates are including.   

Windows 11 launch

Windows 10 operation system update to windows 10 sun valley(21H2) by Microsoft and windows operation system is fully update and totally upgrade. According to Mr. Satya Nadella windows new version will fully upgrade and advance features.

Officially Microsoft new windows operation system launch on June 24, 2021 in Standalone event.


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