Suddenly the iPhone touch screen froze and no longer works? You are not the first person to have this annoying problem but luckily there are solutions that can help you solve it in a few minutes. Read on for tips in this article if your iPhone or iPad touch doesn’t work – happy reading!

iPhone touch screen not working
iPhone touch screen not working

IPhone touchscreen not working:

Broken touchscreen? It is not said, often small and simple solutions are enough to restore the situation in the best way and above all without sending the phone for assistance. If the iPhone touch doesn’t work, try these six solutions below.

Do a hard reset

It is probably one of the most used solutions around the world to restore a dead and completely frozen iPhone or fix frequent crashes and graphics bugs. Fortunately, this solution is often valid even if the iPhone touch does not work or fails. So, since this operation does not put the data contained in the device at risk, it is not necessary to make a backup and we can immediately proceed with the forced restart.

To hard reset the iPhone, simply press and hold the Home button (the central one) and the power/lock button at the same time until the Apple logo appears: when it appears, you can release the buttons and wait for normal startup. of the phone.

Clean the screen and remove the protective films

If the first solution was not successful and the iPhone touch is blocked then it could be a hardware-physical problem. At this point, all you have to do is remove any protective films or tempered glass applied to the device display and proceed with a thorough cleaning of the screen. Sometimes films lose their ability to conduct electricity from the human body and capacitive touchscreens fail to get the pulses needed to function properly.

Then remove any protections and wipe the display with a soft, dry cloth until it appears to be perfectly clean: then try to check if the iPhone has started working properly again.


Update to the latest version of iOS

Sometimes small software bugs can cause these somewhat annoying problems like unresponsive touch. Therefore, make sure your device has the latest version of iOS installed then check for available updates by going to Settings> General> Software Update. I recommend that you make a backup via iTunes on PC or iCloud before continuing with the update.

Locked iPhone screen is unresponsive

Sometimes the situation can be quite dramatic to solve and the iPhone screen does not work and continues to remain stationary at any touch: before talking about a broken touchscreen, it is better to make more in-depth attempts but that will make us permanently lose all the phone data.

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ATTENTION: all the procedures indicated below will cause the total loss of all data contained in the iPhone / iPad. So make sure you save or backup your contacts, photos, videos, and other important data.

Restore iPhone from backup

In this case, you need a USB cable to connect your phone to your computer, the latest version of iTunes, and a fast, working internet connection. Then follow these steps:

  • connect iPhone to PC with iTunes
  • go to the iPhone Summary page and click on Backup Encryption
  • select This computer
  • click Back Up Now  (this may take several minutes, do not disconnect the iPhone even if the process appears to be stuck)
  • when finished, click Restore  and, at the beginning of the introductory procedure, choose to restore the backup you just made and NOT as a new iPhone

At the end check if the iPhone screen responds correctly to touch commands!

Do a factory reset

If the problem still doesn’t go away, the last solution before service is to fully format and set it up as a new iPhone, then follow these steps:

  • connect iPhone to PC with iTunes and go to iPhone Summary page
  • click on Restore iPhone
  • when done, choose to set up your phone as new
  • then reset all settings as you prefer, reconfigure your emails, your social accounts and re-download your favorite apps from the store

Contact Apple Support

The problem of the iPhone with not working touchscreen is not very common but in the last few weeks with the release of the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, many users are experiencing this problem probably due to the new 3D Touch.

In this case, if it often happens that the iPhone touch does not work well and your device is still under warranty, I highly recommend that you call Apple Support and ask for assistance as it could be a hardware problem that will worsen in the future by blocking definitely the phone and, being out of warranty, it will cost you hundreds of euros to repair it in an authorized center.

You can call Apple directly at 800915904 having the serial number of the iPhone / iPad handy or using the wizard available on the site in the Support area. It generally takes Apple 7-10 working days to repair your phone sent for assistance or to send you a newly refurbished and fully functional device: any information will be provided by the assistance during the call. Alternatively, you can always go to an Apple Store or Apple Premium Reseller and explain your problem.

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