All iPhones are designed to receive normal SMS and iMessages. iMessages indicate blue bubbles while regular SMS messages are for green bubbles. At some point, your iPhone may end up not receiving such messages as much or you may receive only iMessages and non-regular SMSs. The vice verse is also true.

iPhone not receiving texts
iPhone not receiving texts

If you have this kind of problem, then you are not alone. There are many iPhone users who also have these kinds of issues. Several users have raised the question about the motives behind these issues.

Why can’t I receive or send regular SMS on iPhone?

A situation may arise where the phone receives only iMessages and not the regular text messages. It is an embarrassing situation that requires a quick solution so that you cannot communicate with your people. This situation can be so frustrating especially when there is something urgent that you wanted to communicate or if you were waiting and the important message.

This situation is mostly related to VoLTE. It seems to affect people who live in areas where it is expanding rapidly.

These are some of the scenarios that can lead to this type of situation;

Your iPhone cannot be to have text messaging settings on your MTS cell plan

You could also specify an incorrect phone number or the number is not in the proper format with the area code.

Another scenario is when a person who is sending the message is not receiving the message. This is usually a problem with the recipient’s device and not yours.

The ability to text is directly related to the ability to make phone calls. If you can’t make a phone call, then you won’t be able to text either.

What to do

To deal with this problem are some of the things that you have to do.

1. restart the iPhone

This is the first and necessary step that you should take when you have a problem. hard reset of the device. To do this, hold down the Home button and Power button on your iPhone for some time until the Apple logo appears again.


2. reset network settings

Apple introduced SMS forwarding as part of its continuity feature. This feature allows you to send and receive green bubble messages on an iPad and Mac. A messaging problem can occur if there is a connection problem between some devices. To disable forwarding, you need to follow the following simple steps

  • a.On your iPhone, launch the Settings app and click General
  • b.At the bottom of the page open, tap reset.

  • c. Click Reset Network settings
  • d. Click confirm in the pop-up window and your deice will restart

3. disable SMS forwarding at all

  • a.Launch the settings app and click on messages
  • b.On the send text command, disable forwarding to all devices and reboot the device

4. restore your iPhone device

If everything you’ve tried has failed, then the only remaining option is to restart your iPhone.

Restore iPhone using iTunes. You can also clean your iPhone remotely, without using a computer.

You can then upload the backup using iCloud.

Apart from the solutions, here are other things you have to do.

  • a.Check if it can be called as the vocation relates to texting. They work on the same network
  • cancellation is only one person who cannot receive the messages. If then you have no problem, have your devices.
  • c.Ensure that the number of beneficiaries and the area code in the correct format
  • d.Ensure that you have a text message set up on MTS cellular plan

Why can’t I receive or send iMessages

iMessage is an apple messaging service that offers the ability to send and receive messages from your device from one apple to another. This service is very reliable for devices that do not support regular SMS messages like the iPhone. However, there are some occasions (rare of course) when iMessages seem to stop working and you cannot send or receive iMessages.

Below are some of the scenarios that can prevent your iPhone from sending and receiving iMessages.

  1. You could have turned off iMessages because you wanted to receive in the form of text messages therefore you cannot receive iMessages from iPhone users.
  2. Another scenario is when you just switch from iPhone to another phone.
  3. IMessages may have stopped working and you have not verified on it.

To solve this type of problem, here are some of the things you have to do if you are going to experiment.

  1. connecte to the internet . In order to receive iMessages, make sure your device is connected to the internet via a mobile data network or Wi-Fi. You cannot receive iMessages without any internet connection.
  2. Check your settings. Check the message settings on the device to make sure they have not been changed. To do this, G to the Settings app> Messages and the iMessages slider to position.

  3. Once it’s on, select Send and Receive. Your iPhone’s Apple ID should be visible at the top of the window.
    Reset iMessage. If you find that all the settings are correct, there is a possibility that your iPhone has lost connection to the iMessage server. To restart, go to settings, then on the tap to send and receive messages and then in the section “can be reached by iMessage in”, if the email addresses are checked, then uncheck them.
  4. On your Apple ID, select Sign out
  5. The next thing to do is reboot the device. Press and hold the Sleep / Wake button with the Home button for 10 seconds 10. Continue pressing the buttons until the apple logo appears.
  6. Activate iMessage slider and sign in. iMessage activation should follow normally.
  7. Finally go to settings> messages and select Send and receive and make sure you have selected the email addresses that you want to use for iMessages.

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