Apple will release the iPhone 12 range of the year 2020 through a virtual event. Here we can see a new Apple Ecosystem with different decisions made by Apple in 2020.

According to Apple, the iPhone is currently being introduced as the number one smartphone in the world. This is so popular that according to the English Rules, the first letter of a word should be in capital letters, but when typing the word iPhone, the capital letter “P” after the simple “i” is shown to be error-free.

About 75% of the world’s smartphone OS usage data is for Android devices, compared to 24.98% for iOS devices. But since this is a representation of a collection of hardware and software manufactured by a single company, it is not a mistake to call the Apple iPhone the number one smartphone in the world.

iPhone 12

A pioneer in 5G technology

With Apple’s move to include 5G technology in all iPhones with the iPhone 12 this year, Apple’s recognition of 5G technology, which is not yet popular, will make it a must-have for other smartphone makers to use on their high-end devices.

At the same time, it’s very important to note that in an environment where 4G LTE technology has not yet reached everyone in the world, Apple’s targeting 5G network coverage, which costs even more than 4G, demonstrates the potential of companies such as Apple to make significant strides in advancing communication technology.

5G Coverage Map –

A14 Bionic Chip

Apple has upgraded its own Bionic A14 chip to produce phones that are more efficient and use less power than other smartphones. With the new A14 Bisonic Chip, Apple is talking about 50% more efficiency than the SoC currently on the market.

Apple’s own SOC design mentioned earlier allows them to allocate large amounts of CPU resources for machine learning, which is essential for things like LIDAR, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Photography and Video processing.



On the one hand, with the release of the iPhone 12, Apple has taken a different approach to mitigating the environmental damage caused by its products. From now on you will only get an iPhone and a data cable when you buy an iPhone 12. As a result, you will have to reuse your existing Charger, Handsfree or purchase a separate one if required.

In my opinion, this will not be such a problem as most people who buy the iPhone have these devices.

SafeMag Charge

SafeMag charge

Apple Magsafe technology has been introduced to every iPhone to promote wireless technology for charging, limiting its Lighting Connector to a Data Connection and, if necessary, the use of Headphones. Apple has also launched a charging station and other accessories market to promote its wireless technology in an interesting way.

The future of the Apple iPhone

As a company, Apple’s launch will mark a turning point in the world of smartphones, drastically reducing its carbon footprint and making wireless charging, machine learning and 5G technologies the norm.


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