This article explains how to set up android phones and use it as a webcam. Instructions apply to Android 10, 9.0 (Nougat), and 8.0 (Oreo).

How to Use Your Android as a Webcam

Follow the steps below to install and configure the correct software, and then launch your cellphone as a webcam in chat software such as Skype. The whole process takes less than 15 minutes or more.

Android Phone as a Webcam
Android Phone as a Webcam
  1.  Install your Preferred IP application to your Android phone from the Google Play Store. In this example, we use the DroidCAM application.
  2.  On your Windows 10 PC, visit the DroidCAM download page and download Windows Client software. There is also a Linux client if you use a Linux machine. Run the installation file, receive the agreement requirements by selecting I agree, and select the next to receive the destination folder. You can leave all the selected components, or delete Apple USB support if you do not plan to use the software with Apple devices. Then select Install to complete the installation.
  3.  After the installation is complete, select the Start menu, type DroidCam, and select DroidCam Client. You must see the following screen.
  4.  Now, back on your Android phone, launch the DroidCAM application. On the first screen, tap next and then get it. Select Allow to provide DroidCam with permission to use your camera. You also have to choose permission to provide droidcam permission using your microphone.
  5.  Finally, you will see the DroidCam main screen that contains your mobile IP address and the port number used by DroidCAM software. Make notes of these values.
  6.  Back on your Windows 10 PC, type your Android IP address into the IP device field, and port number into the Port DroidCAM field. If you want to be able to use your mobile microphone for video conferencing, then select the audio check box too. Select Start to make a connection.
  7.  When the connection is successful, you will see videos from your mobile camera appearing in the DroidCAM client software on your PC.
  8.  To use your phone as a webcam in video conference software such as Skype, launch your selected software. Open the video settings for your video conference application and change the camera selection to one of the sources of DroidCAM.
  9.  If you want to use your mobile microphone as your mic videoconferencing, then scroll down to audio settings and select DroidCam Virtual Audio from the list of available communication devices.
  10. Now you can launch a virtual meeting and your Android phone will provide video and audio input for your meeting.

Why Use Your Phone as a Webcam?

Using your mobile as a webcam for your video conference software is very convenient. This allows you to stay away from your desktop even when you hold a meeting. If you have activated the microphone on your Android, you can see and chat with all the meeting participants wherever you are, make all your video conferences fully move.


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