Are you going to sell your iPhone? Want to bring it back to the old glories of the first day you turned it on? What you need is a nice reset. Resetting the iPhone is in fact a procedure that allows you to delete all user data and bring it back to a “factory” state, like that of the first time you turned it on.

reset iPhone without password

As we explain in this guide, the procedure is not reversible and before resetting an iPhone it is advisable to make a good backup. So if you have come here because you want to restore your Apple smartphone or tablet, you just have to keep reading.

Before you begin: back up your iPhone and disable the lock

The first step to take before resetting the iPhone is to make a backup copy of your data. In truth, backing up the iPhone is a procedure that you should carry out periodically regardless of whether or not you have in mind to reset the device.

We have dedicated an exhaustive guide to this topic with all the steps to follow to back up your iPhone both on iCloud and on your PC or Mac, via iTunes. To learn more, we refer you to the content in question which you can reach by clicking on the title of this paragraph.

Once you have made the backup, there is another important step to be performed, namely the deactivation of the smartphone/tablet location service. In fact, with this feature active, the reset of the terminal is blocked and linked to the iCloud account on the device.

To disable this block go to Settings, then press on the username (or directly on iCloud on iOS 10.2 or earlier) and finally on Find my iPhone (or iPad) where you can disable the service in question.

How to reset iPhone (7/6/5 / SE…) without iTunes

Well now that you have made a backup (do not neglect this step) and have deactivated the lock on reset, you just have to follow the very simple steps to reset your iPhone. Everything is in fact integrated into iOS and it is not necessary to go through iTunes to reset your Apple device.

To get the desired result (attention, non-reversible operation) you just need to go to the Settings, go to the General item and then press Reset. At this point, you will have to press on Initialize content and settings to start the actual reset. In a few minutes, your iPhone or iPad will be ready to be configured from scratch.

How to reset iPhone with iTunes

Resetting the iPhone is a procedure that you can also perform with iTunes. This is particularly convenient since to make a backup on a PC or Mac you must necessarily go through this software. So after making the backup you can go to reset the iPhone in one session. Let’s see how.

Make sure your iPhone is connected to the computer via the original Lighting cable and, if not already open, launch iTunes. From here on we assume that you have saved your data in one way or another.

Then proceed by selecting the device you want to reset from the icon under the iTunes volume bar; then from the menu on the left go to Summary. To continue with the reset, click on Restore iPhone and continue the procedure by pressing on Restore and update and then following the guided procedure.

The software will proceed with downloading the latest version of iOS (this may take a while) and reinstalling it from scratch. Once this phase is also completed, you can choose whether to leave the iPhone blank (perfect if you are giving it to someone else) or to restore it with a backup.


Reset iPhone without password or locked

If you find yourself in the situation where you want to reset your iPhone but you no longer have access to iCloud, because you have lost your login credentials, know that your only hope is to proceed with restoring the account from the official Apple website.

Once you have unlocked your iCloud account, you can either disable Find My Device or reset the terminal. There are programs that promise to bypass this and unlock the iPhone IMEI, but in the end, you will still need the password of the iCloud account linked to the smartphone.

Reset iPhone with DFU, even when turned off or jailbroken

We conclude this guide with a note on the most “extreme” procedure to reset the iPhone. We are talking about the reset in DFU mode or Device Firmware Update. With this mode, the iPhone is put in a sort of “deep state” which also allows you to remove any jailbreak.

We have dedicated a separate guide to how to enter and use this mode to reset the iPhone, which you can reach with a click on the title of this paragraph.


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