With companies that move to serve their customers, especially traces of customers in physical stores that fall considerably, referencing values ​​have been rediscovered. Companies now pay particular attention to their online experience and how they can compete on the Internet.


This article will provide advice to companies wishing to increase their organic range and traffic, providing several SEO solutions to the problems they could know. This includes information that is suitable for companies that have not been involved in the SEO as a previous channel, as well as those with more experience with it. The goal is to get more traffic and increase conversions.

You don’t know what keywords you should be ranking for

Target the correct keyword is the center to come back from SEO. Target the most valuable and relevant keywords with your products / services is very important.

SEO Strategy
SEO Strategy

How to know what keywords to target:

  •  They must be relevant for your product/service offer
  •  They must have a sufficiently important search volume to target the useful public. This may vary depending on the country, the way especially your products/services, and season. The use of your evaluation is very important here; Your own knowledge of the industry and specific markets will help you target appropriate keywords with research requests that are relevant to your business.

Tools to conduct your keyword research:

Moz → A keyword search tool that gives access to millions of keywords that can help train your list. You can see keyword suggestions, current ranking websites, and all metrics of the keyword itself.

Google Search Console → This tool helps you track the performance of your website in the results of biological research and is an excellent referencing resource. It can be used to find out what keyword ranking from your website and which keywords work better / worse over a period of time. (If you have not already configured it for your site, please do it now!)

Your rankings have dropped

You have noticed that your website has abandoned the search results for some key terms, however, you are not sure of reason. To be honest, it’s a bit a black hole because there could be several reasons.

How to identify this issue:

Spot Check → The keywords you know that the ranking of your website can not suddenly classify your site in the same position.

“Average position” in the Google search console → This metric displays the average ranking of your website’s position as a whole, as well as having a table that displays various keyword rankings.

Rank Trackers → A tool called Stat allows you to enter a list of keywords, which you then have “executed” to follow for a few days. Once continued tracking, you access up-to-date information on keyword classification, for which pages and access to multiple performance reports. This is an excellent tool to see which keywords fall in ranks or increase.

 Your user experience is bad

User experience becomes more important than before. It doesn’t matter if your website is ranked first for all important keywords (we speak in the ideal world), it won’t make a difference if users don’t know how to interact with your site as they land. They will go down and go to your competitors. Make sure you have a well-developed user path and the friendliness of users on your website is very important for successful references.

This guide discusses 3 general scenarios as a digital marketer experience. Don’t know which keywords for targeting or how to go can be difficult to navigate. By using the suggested tools and collecting relevant keywords to target your page will help increase your ranking. Cyrus Shephard’s guide is growing on this matter. Similarly, can identify when your rank is deleted important to ensure you stay up to date with problems that can cause this fluctuation. If you want to know more about it, I recommend “Drop of SEO Rankings: step-by-step recovery guide. Finally, a good user experience has become an important element of digital marketing. If you want to develop your knowledge about it, Rand Fishkin has more to share in this area. I hope this article has helped and can provide certain directives from the area you can check when you face problems and you don’t know where to start!


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