Why choose WordPress to build your website?

If you have delayed the decision to establish a website for your small business because you think it will be complicated or time consuming, don’t worry. Creating personal websites or ecommerce sites is very easy to set on the WordPress content management platform (CMS). In fact, most people can go from the beginning to finish in about 30 minutes – without sophisticated technology skills or special training. WordPress is the perfect Drag-and-Drop website builder.

The following is a brief overview of the steps that must be taken to start your WordPress website.

·       Pick a domain name.

·       Choose a hosting provider & package.

·       Install WordPress & choose your theme.

·       Learn WordPress Dashboard & pick your WordPress plugins.

·       Customize website.

You have decided to create a website and want to use WordPress as a platform of your website. Now what?

This is how to create a wordpress website in five fast steps.

Getting Started and Choosing a Domain Name

Before you can start building your website, choosing your domain name is one of the most important parts because this is how your audience will find you and identify with your brand.

Your domain name is the type of person to their browser to get to your website. Even though it is tempted to choose something funny or striking, choose a domain that represents your brand and makes it easier for people to find you.

After you choose your domain, you need to buy your name and choose a hosting company that suits your website’s needs. Because you are building a website on WordPress, choosing a hosting provider that offers special hosting for the WordPress site is ideal. This way you can buy your domain name and hosting service from the same provider. Fortunately, Bluehost offers both and recommended by WordPress!

Create a WordPress
Create a WordPress

Choose your package and prepare your hosting account

  • Bluehost offers several hosting packages from our standard WordPress plan to our fully managed WordPress hosting package. After you set your domain name, you must create an account for your hosting package.
  •  Enter your personal information into each field and then scroll down to the package list
  •  Select the option that matches your budget and service requirements. Prices vary in all hosting providers, but most offer add-ons, such as extra security features, tools to increase search rankings, and site backup.
  •  Check the appropriate box and scroll down to enter your billing information. Take a moment to read service provisions, cancellation policies, and privacy notifications, then click the box to confirm that you agree with the policy.
  •  Follow the instructions on the screen to create a password and, boom, you are ready to step three: Choose your WordPress theme.

Choose a WordPress Theme

If you have chosen Bluehost as your web host, WordPress will be installed automatically for you. All you have to do is click, ‘enter’ and choose a theme. If you are not sure which theme you want, don’t worry! You can return and change it later. If you don’t like generic themes, you can improve to one of the premium themes.

The next screen will ask if you build your website for personal or business reasons. This will help us give you accurate recommendations to help your website building journal.

Learn your WordPress dashboard

Now you are ready to start working, you must find yourself in the dashboard, or back-end, for your new website. This is a service area that allows you to control what your website will see visitors when they land on your page. Take the time to learn the WordPress admin dashboard by reviewing the features you use most often.

Theme customization and page

Let the pleasure begins! You are ready to start fine-tuning your site with your color choices, font style, and special elements that will help you express your company’s culture or personality. You can dive and write your first post, but it’s useful to get to know the features and functionality of your site first.

In the left side blade you will find the navigation link that allows you to customize your site. The best way to get to know your way is to click on each tab and explore the option.

• Browse the theme; There are paid and free options available.

• Customize your theme with colors, headers, and social media keys.

• Upload photos to inspire visitors to your site and add instructions on your value and service.

• Create the first blog post and your main page content.

• Add contact form

Don’t forget to set Google Analytics to collect data on visitors who come to your site and link Google Search Console to ensure no errors.


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