A professional UpWork profile can be essential for your success in startup. This is your introduction to potential customers, an important opportunity to pay particular attention and distinguish from the competition – not just as part of your proposals, but also for potential customers who can discover your profile. Many customers are looking for freelancers with the skills they need and invite them to consult their jobs; It’s a proactive approach that can help businesses meet their project needs more quickly and successfully.


But what does a top-notch profile look like?

Start your profile by choosing your most relevant categories for your competence. Define an hourly rate that reflects your skills and experience levels. You can search for a job to get an idea of ​​what similar freelancers are billing. Then consider these tips to improve your profile and make sure it presents your experience and expertise in the best light.

Use every part of your profile to showcase your skills

UPWORK has an extensive list of standard skills that can help quickly identify your strengths and connect to relevant projects. These skills also help customers find you more easily so that they should reflect your specializations and expertise: only claims and list skills that you can back up one of your other profile sections, such as your work or your history, a portfolio, education, or certifications.

Select a professional profile picture

Customers want to feel that they can trust a freelance before hiring them for a project and your profile picture is an important part of the equation.

Showcase your expertise in the title and overview section

Upcoming with a title may seem simple, but it’s a potentially powerful tool that is often overlooked by freelancers. Why is it so important? Because when a customer finds your profile looking, your title is the first thing they will see.

Your preview is not completely visible until someone checks your profile, but as it is at the top of your profile, it is also a very visible part of your marketing. Use it to introduce you and launch your services.

Create an outstanding introduction video

Intro videos can help you shine and stand out, especially because many freelancers pass this optional part. Make videos may seem intimidating, but don’t have to! Start with a large script that explains who you are, the type of project you want to do, and your field of expertise.

 Highlight your best work in your portfolio

Your portfolio is practically guaranteed to attract potential client attention: This is your chance to show – not only tell – the quality of your work and your expertise value.

Choose pieces that reflect your niche and help prove your specialization. If your skills aren’t too visual, try to find creative ways to explain the challenges behind each sample and how your work has an impact.

Include your educational background and other experiences

Your knowledge is not only from your previous work experience! Your education and other activities – such as volunteer positions, guidance programs, online courses, and other extracurricular activities – can help shape what you do and how you display yourself online.

Consider including detailed descriptions of each educational item that is relevant by registering the name and program of institutions in the chronological order, starting with the latest.

You can also add education and informal activities in the “Other Experience” section. It can include research, competition, or other interests that can help describe your value.


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