Having a Facebook business page makes it easy for people to find and interact with your brand online. Find out how to set it here.

Make a Facebook business page it doesn’t have to be difficult. You might have all the photos, text, and ideas that you need to build your Facebook business page. You just need to sit and work through a few simple steps to improve and run your page.

Need motivation to start? Consider that 2.5 billion people use Facebook every month, and more than 140 million other businesses have used Facebook to connect with that big audience.

So, let’s step into how to create a Facebook account for business. Follow these steps to launch your page at the end of the day.

Facebook Business Page

How to create a Facebook page for business

Before you can register for your Facebook business page, you must enter your personal Facebook account. But don’t worry – information from your personal account will not be seen publicly on your business page.

So, if you haven’t entered your personal account, enter now, then plunge into page-making steps.

Step 1: Sign up

Go to

Select the page you want to make: Business / Brand or Community / Public. In this post, we will assume you to create a page for a business or brand, so click the Start button for the option.

Next, enter your business information. For your page name, use your business name or name that tends to be searched while trying to find your business.

Step 2. Add Pictures

Next, you will upload the profile and cover the image for your Facebook page. It is important to create a good visual impression that is good, so choose wisely here. Make sure the photos you choose are in harmony with your brand and are easily identified with your business.

Add Pictures

Step 3: Create your username

Your username, also called your vanity URL, is how you tell you where to find you on Facebook.

The length of your username can reach 50 characters, but don’t use additional characters just because you can. You want it to be easily typed and easy to remember. Your business name or some clear variations are safe bets.

Step 4: Add your business details

Even though you might be tempted to leave the details later, it’s important to fill in all fields on your Facebook section about the part of the start.

Step 5. Tell your story

You have filled out all the simple details about your business, but there isn’t much here to tell people why they should be involved with your business on Facebook.

Fortunately, there is a part of your Facebook business page where you can add a longer description of your business. To access it, click View More in the left menu, then click About, then click our story on the right.

Step 6. Create your first post

Before you start inviting people to like Facebook pages for your business, you must post some valuable content. You can make some of your own posts, or share relevant content from thought leaders in your industry.

Step 7: Publish your page and invite an audience

Your Facebook business page now represents a strong online presence that will make potential customers and fans feel comfortable interacting with you. It’s time to press the big green publication page button on the left menu.


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