From time to time, we see various innovations and revolutions in the world of technology. This is about some of the devices that have made a big step in the tech world and caused a great deal of controversy. These devices are manufactured by Asus, one of the world’s leading companies. This article will talk about the company’s latest laptop models, which are known in the world as a company that constantly introduces innovative devices to the world of technology.

Today, the computer has become an indispensable tool in the daily routine of human beings. Today, there are many categories of computers that specialize in various functions, such as desktop, laptop, palmtop, and supercomputers. In 1981, a monitor was added to portable computers, and it was many years before laptops evolved to where they are today.

Asus was able to mark a significant milestone in the evolution of laptops in the year 2018. It’s a ZenBook Pro UX580 laptop with a 5.5 – inch FHD display in addition to the flagship 4K LCD display. In addition to the functionality of a normal laptop computer, this “ScreenPad” allows the user to perform basic multitasking as well as various software handling.

ZenBook Pro UX580 laptop with a 5.5 – inch FHD display

In addition, this laptop, with a number of other unique features, has become extremely popular among users around the world. However, due to the small size of the “ScreenPad,” the processes that could be performed were somewhat limited.

ZenBook Pro Duo is the revolution in the world of laptops

In the latter part of last year, that is, in the year 2019, there was a rumor in the tech world that Asus was going to launch several more innovative laptop models. The tech world was very curious as to what kind of revolution they were going to make. The ZenBook Pro Duo (UX581) is set to surprise the entire tech world. Its flagship display is a 15.6-inch 4K OLED touchscreen. Plus, it comes with a stunning 14-inch 4K ScreenPad Plus. It is no exaggeration to say that they refer to this as the most innovative innovation in laptops in the last few decades. When using desktop computers, it is common for different professionals to use another monitor as a secondary display. But this new ZenBook Pro Duo successfully fulfills the need to use such a secondary display through the “ScreenPad Plus.”

This special ScreenPad Plus is designed to be used by Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, 3D design software as well as software developers. In addition, anyone with the need for an additional display can work through it.

ZenBook Pro side view
ZenBook Pro side view

Asus has managed to create a great display of the main display. The 15.6-inch screen is Pantone certified to display DCI-P3 color ranges with extreme accuracy, as well as VESA DisplayHDR True Black 500 certification. This OLED display has a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees. So it has a very good contrast range of 100,000: 1. Otherwise, the second screen here is the ScreenPad Plus 4K UHD IPS LCD display. This allows you to work with multiple apps at once. Asus has also taken steps to give it a matte look that does not interfere with the eyes and the display on the main screen. In addition, there are a number of special software that is unique to this computer to work with both displays.

This ZenBook Pro Duo (UX581) laptop is powered by a powerful 9th ​​Generation, 8-core Intel Core i9-9980K processor. It also has Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 graphics and a 6GB GDDR6 SDRAM. In addition, it has 32GB of RAM with a speed of 2666MHz. This computer contains a 1TB PCIe 3.0 x4 SSD. Its maximum data transfer speed is 3.2GB per second. In addition, it includes state-of-the-art communication systems such as Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0.

Is It Getting Heat?

When choosing a computer, especially a laptop, for specific processes, many people are very concerned about its temperature control system. You have a problem with overheating, especially since it has two 4K displays and a very powerful processing system. However, the company has taken steps to pay special attention to that. They have introduced a special cooling system called the “Cool-Air express system.” It includes 4 special heat pipes and two 12V Cooling Fans to cover the CPU and GPU. Also, if you do a lot of work on the computer, there is a Turbo Cooling system designed for it. You can activate it with a dedicated button (Turbo Fan hotkey).

Reasons to be more special

ZenBook Pro

Multi-function touchpad – There are a number of reasons why this new computer is so special. Not to mention the multi-function touchpad. The multi-function touchpad is illuminated by an LED panel, designed to function as an essential touchpad on a laptop as well as a numeric keypad. It includes many more features, from turning the light on or off when needed.

Audio System – Another unique feature here is the excellent audio system that is designed to listen to clear sounds and music. This audio system works with Harmon Kardon certification.

Alexa Light Bar – At the bottom of this computer, you will find a lighting system sensitive to the Alexa virtual assistant. If you use Alexa, you can have an amazing experience with this.

Windows Hello Login with IR Camera – Includes the latest HD IR camera system that lets you log in with facial recognition, even in the dark. This system works with Windows Hello technology.

Design & External Appearance

ZenBook Pro Duo outlook

I have to say that this laptop with a very high-quality finish is not that light. Weighing about 2.5 kilograms, this computer can be called a “desktop replacement.” Like other ZenBook computers, the exterior and interior are made of metal. But the Asus logo is not central to being a unique external identifier from the other ZenBooks here.

So this can be easily identified from other ZenBooks. Also, the latest Celestial Blue color has been added to give the designers a beautiful finish. In addition to the ZenBook Pro Duo UX581, there is also the ZenBook Pro Duo UX481.10th-Gen Intel Core i7 or i5 Processor is powered. You can see the comparisons in the table below.


At the time of writing, we also had the opportunity to use this device. We didn’t have any problems. However, we thought we would include a few suggestions on this.

We thought the ScreenPad Plus would be a bit longer and easier to use.

Compared to other laptops in this category, it is slightly larger in size and weight. However, this is not a problem as the purpose of this device is a desktop replacement laptop.

The location of the keyboard was a bit unfamiliar, so we had to get used to it. But if you buy this laptop, getting used to it will be very important.

Asus Zenbook 13/14/15 

Asus’ Asus Zenbook 13/14/15 is one of the best laptops in the world. In terms of productivity, the ZenBook 13 (UX333), ZenBook 14 (UX433), and ZenBook 15 (UX533) are among the top-notch devices. These computers also come with a Facial Recognition feature along with Windows Hello. With all three of these devices, you have the ability to experience the latest in a special ScreenPad. These accessories are designed with a perfect quality finish.

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