If you’re using an iPhone and you feel that the battery is draining fast these days, it may be a sign of battery replacement.

However, the reason why the battery drains quickly is not necessarily the deterioration of the battery, so let’s check the battery status of the iPhone by yourself first.

First, let’s check the battery status of your iPhone. So, make sure your iPhone’s battery is fully  charged?

How to check whether iPhone battery is to be replaced or not ?

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Then select  “Battery
  3. Now Tap on Battery Status.
  4. Check the number listed in “Maximum capacity” on the battery status check screen.

This maximum capacity is the standard for battery capacity compared to when it is new.

The battery is almost 100%, but still you feel that the battery is draining quickly?

Suppose the maximum capacity of the battery is almost 100%, and you feel that the battery is draining quickly. In that case, it is likely that the battery is draining due to another factor, not the deterioration of the battery.

For example, the following is an example.

  • Some apps (games, etc.) are running in the background.
  • GPS (location information service) is ON
  • Connected to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices, etc.

If any of these apply, check out the articles below to see what you can do to improve them.

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If the maximum capacity of the battery is 80% or below…

On the other hand, if the maximum capacity of the battery is displayed as 80%, it means that “even if it is fully charged, it can only be charged to about 80% of the new battery”.

Apple states that the quality standard for batteries is “designed to maintain up to 80% of their original capacity after 500 full charge cycles.”

In other words, even if you charge it once a day, if you use it for a year and a half, you can only charge up to 80% of the battery capacity.

When should you do the Battery Replacement?

There is no clear standard that says, “When it reaches 0%, replace the battery!” I think it’s a good idea to decide whether to replace the battery by looking at the maximum numerical capacity of the battery and the actual battery life.

Apple battery replacement
Apple battery replacement

How much is the iPhone Battery Replacement cost ?

The cost of replacing the iPhone battery is a concern. If you replace the battery with Apple, the following costs will be incurred.

It’s free of charge during Apple’s warranty period, so you might consider replacing it first.

iPhone battery replacement pricing – United States

iPhone model In-warranty or with AppleCare+ Out of warranty
iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max,
iPhone XR, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro,
iPhone 11, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini
$ 0 $ 69
iPhone SE (2nd generation), iPhone SE,
iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus,
iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus,
iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus,
iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus,
and all other eligible models
$ 0 $ 49

These prices apply only to battery repairs made by Apple. Pricing offered by Apple Authorized Service Providers may vary. We’ll add a $ 6.95 shipping fee if your repair requires shipping and isn’t covered under warranty or AppleCare+. All fees are in USD and exclude local tax.


How to get the battery replaced?

As with regular repairs, Apple offers “bring-in” and “delivery” as “repair options.”

So you have Choose from two types of battery replacement, “bring-in” and “delivery” while considering the following.

For “Bring-in repair” option

In the case of “bring-in”, bring the iPhone to be repaired directly to an Apple Store managed stores such as Ginza, Montesano, Fukuoka Tenjin or Shemaiah, or an authorized service provider and have it replaced.

If you want to use carry-on repair, it will be smoother to make a reservation with the iOS app “Apple Support.”

Of course, you can also make a reservation from the “Contact Apple Support” page on the web

For “Delivery Repair” option

Depending on the store, you may not be able to make a reservation immediately, or even if you make a reservation, the store may be crowded, and you may have to wait.

There may not be an Apple Store retail store or an authorized service provider nearby in the first place.

The “Delivery Repair” option is useful in such cases.

You can have your iPhone picked up by calling or getting a call from the “Apple Support” app or “Contact Apple Support” on the web.

If you want to have the item replaced immediately without consulting, click the “Delivery Repair” icon on the web page, enter the pickup date and information required for pickup, and have them come to pick you up.

Preparation to do before battery replacement

If you bring it in, the exchange will be completed on the spot, and you may be able to take it home immediately, but in some cases, it may take 7 to 10 business days.

Let’s review what you need to do before replacing your favorite iPhone battery.

Keep in mind that this is the same when you send your iPhone for repair.

Backup your iPhone

Make a backup of your iPhone using iCloud or iTunes on your PC.

To back up with iCloud, with your iPhone connected to Wi-Fi, go to Settings> Username> iCloud> iCloud Backup.

You can back up by turning on iCloud Backup and tapping “Create Backup Now”.

However, iCloud has only 5GB for free, so it may be better to back up your photos to Google Photos.

On the iCloud screen, select only the ones you want to back up.

If you want to use iTunes, open iTunes on your PC and use a cable to connect your iPhone to your PC.

When you connect, the iPhone will ask, “Do you want to allow this device to access your photos and videos?”, So tap “Allow.

After entering the passcode etc., select the device displayed on the iTunes side. Click “Backup Now” to start the backup process.

Check your Apple ID password.

You may need to initialize your iPhone or turn off Find My iPhone yourself, so be sure to check your Apple ID in advance.

Have all the necessary documents

Suppose you have the accessories (peripheral accessories) that you usually use. In that case, identity verification documents such as a driver’s license and the receipt when you purchase the iPhone, the reception will proceed smoothly.

Unpair with Apple Watch

First, if you are using the transportation IC card “Spica” on your Apple Watch, be sure to delete Spica.

Then open the “Apple Watch” app on your iPhone, tap the Apple Watch you want to unpair, and tap “Unpair with Apple Watch” to unpair it.

Turn off iMessage

Turn off iMessage from Settings> Messages.

Initialize iPhone

Tap [Settings] → [General] → [Reset] → [Erase all contents and settings] and follow the instructions to initialize.

Turn off the activation lock.

“Activation lock” is a mechanism to prevent the iPhone from being used without permission when it is lost.

Be sure to turn it off, as Find My iPhone will lock your device and make it unrepairable.

Prepare to deliver only the iPhone itself.

This includes removing the SIM card as well as the screen protection film, case, and cables.

If the target model is under warranty, it is recommended to replace it!

Many iPhones are in the high price range, so they cannot be replaced every year.

If you think, “Is the battery somewhat terrible?”, Replace the battery within the warranty period.

If you’ve never sent your iPhone for repair, you might want to take this opportunity to experience a repair request from Apple.

Hope you will write your ideas and experiences in the comment section below.


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